Guard Rails and Bollards

Guard Rails is a new bumper system specific for the protection of the walls resistant against trolleys movements. Designed by following an innovative technical design that combines speed and simplicity in the steps of installation and cleaning. Available in different lengths.

Pvc Panels

PVC sheets to renovate fastly and cheaply the walls of cold rooms and cold store.

Foamed System

New plinth completely foamed inside, easy to install and without flaps. Thanks to its soft fins, no dirt and no water are allowed. Ideal for industrial kitchens, cold rooms and cleanrooms.

Hermetic System

New sanitary system, excellent water and dirty resistant, provided with a new plinth with a large flap to make the installation easier and bi material caps to grant hermetic closing. To be used with standard hygienic corners.

Standard System

Basic hygienic corner with aluminium or pvc guide, with soft fins to fix it to the wall to assure hygiene. It can be used with plinth.

Speed System

Hygienic corner system rapid and easy to install, available with fixing buttons on the ending caps which eliminate the need for the wall drilling.

Modular System

Complete system with the possibility to change the size of profiles and internal caps which suit all the solutions. Warranty and easy way to fix it. Hidden screws.


Different sizes available with rounded sides and soft fins for a good fit to the floor. Cheap models available, see CU.

Fixer System

New and useful system for quick assembly of cold rooms or other buildings using continuous panels.

Pillar System

Cheap and useful system studied for quick planning and installation of cold rooms. Perfect isolation, equipped with an internal rounded corner for easy cleaning.


A large-sized protection system, ideal for walls and panels. Easy to install and clean. Fully equipped with corner caps and buttons.

Antishock System

New bumper and plinth system produced in soft material, could be used in cold rooms, refrigerated storages and garages. Thanks to material elasticity, it features good anti-shock property.

Door Frame

Modular system which suits different sizes and thicknesses with the possibility to build corners welding or inserting fast connections. It’s equipped with spaces for resistance and for additional supports to add during the assembly. It can be covered with plates.

Door Leaf

Door profiles for continuous panels and foamed panels.
Available in plastic to ensure thermal break.


Complete range of door gaskets. Easy to install and available for both negative and normal temperatures.

Accessories for panels

Profiles and moulded accessories to complete the panel finish. Practical for cleaning assuring good hygiene for the food industry.


Complete range of profiles and accessories used to fix and to finish panels.